2) Important characteristics of the Peters Map



  • Fairness to All Peoples
  • In the complex and interdependent world in which nations now live, the people of the world deserve and need an accurate portrayal of the world.
  • The Peters Map is the map for our day.


World mission and aid-giving agencies use the Peters map because it serves to represent the developing countries at their true proportion. The Peters map has been widely adopted elsewhere, but remains a curiosity in the United States. Why is this? Among related factors are these: (1) our resistance to join the rest of the world on the metric system (even the British have changed from inches and Fahrenheit to centimeters and celsius), (2) national surveys showing U.S. school children have among the lowest levels of geography awareness of all developed nations, and (3) many professional cartographers have resented the "politicization" of their field. Arno Peters was one of the first to assert that maps are unavoidably political.


An area accurate map is a great complement to other maps, as well as a useful aid in teaching geography. In the classroom, boardroom or bedroom an alternate presentation of the planet will jostle our thinking and help us create new mental maps which in turn will foster creativity and innovation.